Packaging & filling

Max Private Label offers packaging and filling services for all types of liquid and semi-liquid products, including hot fill, gels, alcohol-based product and more. Please see products tab for all products we offer

Filling: Any form factor is possible, including tubes. We also can fill alcohol-based products such as spritzes and hair fixatives, as well as specialty products. The filling process is monitored by our quality assurance staff at all times for compliance to specifications, both customer-supplied and those dictated by our Quality Control Unit.

Speed: Max Private Label, labeling and filling features fast and flexible operations that ensure quick turnaround of small to medium to large batch sizes. This allows our customers to eliminate the need to build large costly inventories.

Equipment: Max Private Label uses variety of filling equipment. Including sanitary multi-head fillers. Form factors supported include bottles (labeled and screened); tubes; jars; tubs; and more specialized form factors such as airless pumps and spray bottles. All products are inkjet-coded or laser-coded and can be induction sealed or labeled. We also offer shrink wraps, shrink banding and other specialized types of decoration and binding.

Palletizing: The completed product is packed in boxes and stacked on pallets, which are wrapped properly and secured on the pallet. The pallets are then transferred to our warehouse to await shipment

Customer Updates: Max Private Label has dedicated staffers, providing each customer with continuous review and reporting of all progress on each project.