Product Development

Speed to Market

We understand that the time it takes to get your product to market and the milestones along the way are best measured in days and weeks, not months and years. Our Speed to Market process is a unique way that we work with you starting with a shared vision and timeline. From the start, you will work with our dedicated team to guide your product through the stages of
1) feasibility
2) planning
3) development
4) manufacturing transfer

Materials knowledge with well-established supply chains

Design assistance for manufacturability

A Speed to Market SM team of professionals at Max Private Label (from sales, materials, engineering, estimating, quality engineering, scheduling and manufacturing) focused on your project


A robust process, supported by custom software and focused on your timeline


A development process that includes prototypes, process development, process characterization (and tolerances) product qualification, and even consistent product stability testing even after shipment if desired


Seamless transition into cost effective manufacturing, product launch and next generation development. Unlike with other developers, our customers can own the formulas they manufacture with us

Staff: Our R&D staff has vast experience and success with all types of products, including professional hair care products ranging from styling aids through shampoos, ethnic products from relaxers to hair lotions, and every other type of personal care product. Our goal and our promise is to create stunningly creative and effective products of every type and variety.

Process & Understanding: In developing a formula, we benchmark existing formulas and competing products, and we formulate with the customer’s target price point in mind. The formulation process begins with a dialogue regarding the desired product attributes until the customer’s needs are fully understood. Our R&D staff evaluates what ingredients are desirable or undesirable to the customers; and what countries the product will be sold in.

Testing: We assist our customers in all testing product phases, we provide documented stability testing for all product elements.